Plan Canvas is a Business / Strategy Management Software

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Wasted Time. Wasted Resources. Wasted Emotions. Immeasurable Lost Opportunity.

Plan Canvas helps you:

  • FOCUS on what’s important
  • PRIORITIZE where to spend time and money
  • LISTEN for opportunity
  • ACHIEVE results

With Plan Canvas you will:

  • FEEL more clear and confident in your Vision, Mission, and Purpose
  • FEEL more organized and less overwhelmed by your Goals and Objectives
  • FEEL more effective and less alone in accomplishing Initiatives and Actions
  • FEEL more satisfied in the results they produce

Get Started For Free With Your Personal Plan

Plan Canvas for Individuals is for everyone, regardless of job status and title. Did you know only 3 in 10 people report that they are happy with their life? .

Don’t just complain about it. Do something about it.

We highly recommend you work with a coach on your Personal Plan.

Contact us to be your coach. But whether it’s us or someone else serving as your coach, Plan Canvas for Individuals is free for everyone. The Personal Plan is also included as a feature in Plan Canvas for Business (SMB).

Are you ready for success? See how Plan Canvas has helped others just like you in our Case Studies and Testimonials.

Case Studies and Testimonials

400% Growth

Benefit: Job creation, more personal time

Using this approach, I led a large organization to 400% top-line improvement in a flat, saturated market – profitably growing the business to well over $80 million with over 700 employees.

Additionally, because this approach kept us well organized, focused, and communicating effectively, I was able to remotely lead multiple locations scattered across 5 states, allowing me to enjoy more of the simple pleasures in life – like spending less time traveling from one location to the next and more time with the kids.

This experience led to writing the book, Business is ART, describing the approach, and, ultimately, to the development of Plan Canvas, making following it even simpler.

Jon Umstead – Author of Business is ART and Founder of Plan Canvas

New Levels of Success

Benefit: Happy stakeholders and targets met

When Chrysler gave us a deadline to submit an actionable plan for meeting dealership targets, we used the Plan Canvas approach to develop it.

Although there was a lot more “thinking time” involved, it took us less than 10 hours to create a long-term Strategic Plan and a short-term Business Plan.

Chrysler accepted them on the very first submission – no hesitation, no edits.

Within the first month of managing to the plans, we met our targets for the first time in 13 months. This was no coincidence. The difference was how we focused on achieving goals and objectives rather than hoping something good would happen.

Lance White – Former Manager, White’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram

Successful Startup Launch

Benefit: Reduced risk, saved on expenses

My husband, Lance, and I were anxious to launch. As a creative type, I just wanted to get down to creating. But we weren’t just launching a business, we were building something that would give us more quality time with our daughters. We wanted to do it right. Lance had successfully used the Plan Canvas approach in another role, so we decided to use it before launching FRW.

It helped us think through things like our true vision and mission, our target markets, and our staffing needs. It also allowed us to set and focus on immediate income targets. As a result, our launch went smoothly and we are achieving more, more quickly, than we thought we would.

Julie White – Co-Founder, FRW Studios

A Decision NOT to Launch

Benefit: Saved on cost, effort, and emotion

My team and I ultimately decided not to launch a new business, but I enjoyed Plan Canvas for a few reasons:

  • Action Items – My team members used to get overwhelmed seeing a huge to-do list. Now, from the dashboard, they just see what the next 7-days include.
  • Big picture – The team appreciated having immediate goals and I, on the back end, could see the whole picture.
  • Business planning – Instead of seeing a 10+ page business plan template and feeling like you have to fill it to the brim, Plan Canvas has you focus on small sections at a time.
  • Simplistic, effective and easily navigated – I encourage startups, pre-startups and even my own clients to use Plan Canvas!

(see related A Decision Not to Launch is Not Failure to Launch)

Anastasia Button – Author, Coach, Speaker

Here are a few features, highlighting why you should be using Plan Canvas to get results like those from our testimonials and case studies. You don’t need a business degree to do this stuff.

It starts by getting those ideas out of your head in a simplified way, bringing it all together, making it actionable, and making it measurable. Simply.

One place to see where you are now, where you want to go, and how you will get there.

Why Are You Here – You – The Individual

The Personal Plan

Every individual, whether an entrepreneur, business owner, leader or not benefits by developing and managing a Personal Plan. The Personal Plan feature in Plan Canvas is free to anyone. Anyone.

Use it to take a good hard look at who you are and who you want to be. What do you want to accomplish over what time frames?

What are you going to do about it?

Review your Personal Plan with someone you have identified as a coach on a monthly basis and be prepared to see how fast you actually accomplish the things you really want in life.

Save Time – Make it Actionable – Be Accountable

Action Item Assignment and Tracking

A great way to get started in Plan Canvas for Business is to immediately begin using the Action Item feature. Forget about “to do” lists and using your email in-basket to manage tasks.

Assign Action Items to yourself or others – let Plan Canvas automatically send calendar and email reminders to you and anyone else you have assigned the Action Item.

Our dashboard tells you at a glance if the Action Item is coming due in the next 7 days or if it has gone past due.

Build a Foundation for Your Business

Your Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Another way to begin using Plan Canvas is to simply start describing your business. Talk about it. Answer questions like:

  • What is your Vision, Mission, and Purpose?
  • What is today’s reality?
  • What is your elevator pitch?
  • What are your products and who are your customers?
  • What are your measures of success?

This is all foundational to your business, whether it is just an idea or something that has been around for a long time.

Ultimately, it answers the question, “Why are you doing this, for whom, and why should anyone care?”

Build a Road Map – Manage the Road

The Strategic Plan and Project Portfolio Management

A Vision is great – but how in the world are you going to get there? You need a Strategy – a roadmap. More importantly, you need to manage it. With Plan Canvas it’s easy to do both.

Start by defining your long-term goals and objectives. Goals are more of a destination. Objectives are how you measure progress toward them. But how do you accomplish them?

Some are accomplished over the long haul through on-going operations. Some are only enabled through extra investments in time and money.

These are called strategic initiatives – internal projects. Easily define, prioritize, assign, and manage your portfolio of internal projects within the Strategic Plan.

Build the Car – Drive It

The Business Plan

If a Strategy is the long-term road map, then a 12-month Business Plan is the car and managing the plan is driving it. Again, Plan Canvas makes it easy to do both.

Start with the end in mind. What are your measurable objectives for things like Sales & Marketing, Operations, Staffing, and Financial results?

Now back in to what you will do to achieve those objectives. Include important things like how you will manage or avoid risks, how you will train and retain employees, and what other comparable businesses are doing.

Manage Your Client Projects / Orders

Project Portfolio Management

If your business is dependent on delivering projects or large orders to clients, collectively, those projects and orders are called a portfolio. Manage the portfolio by recording and tracking high level, critical information like:

  • Due date
  • Revenue associated with it
  • Overall health and status
  • Major milestones and more

This gives you one, nice, summary view of all of those client projects you’ve got going on so that you and your team can stay focused and stay on top of them.



For ANYONE – not just entrepreneurs and business owners.

Personal Plans for up to 4 individuals

Define personal mission and purpose

Identify strengths and blind spots

Define long-term, mid-term and short-term objectives

  • Career
  • Current Job
  • Family/Personal
  • Spiritual

Define and track action steps to achieve objectives

Small Business

$15 per month

For Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners

Up to 4 Users

Unlimited “Ad Hoc” Users receiving assignments

Personal Plans for up to 4 individuals

Unlimited long-term Strategic Plans

Unlimited short-term Business Plans

Unlimited Action item assignments

Unlimited client projects / orders


Fees Vary

For anyone who needs some extra help

Hourly rates

Retainer based

Document based

Mastermind Membership

Ready to achieve more in less time?

It’s your Vision. Don’t keep it all in your head. Don’t leave it all to chance.

Reviews of Business is ART

Plan Canvas is based on the book Business is ART.

Read reviews here.

“It is no secret that formal plans greatly increase the odds of business success. Like effective networking, formal planning can be a little like going to the gym – we know there is great benefit to it. But it is just too easy to skip it, or to exercise in ways that take a lot of our time, but don’t yield the results we want. In his book, Business Is ART, Jon Umstead provides a proven approach in easy to follow terms. It is both fun to read and informative. It provides you with simple, effective tools that will help you maximize your odds of success.

I recommend it to anyone just starting out or looking to take their business to the next level.”


Dr. Ivan Misner
NY Times Best Selling Author and Founder of Business Networking International (BNI)

“Jon does a great job ARTiculating his business and personal development strategies. A clear winner in terms of finding solutions to help achieve your long and short term business goals.”


Dr. Sanjay Jain
Wellness Expert, Author of Optimal Living 360

“An excellent resource for start-ups, existing businesses and companies wanting to retool themselves. Jon is an amazing guide—you will keep returning to his words over and again!”


Paul Butare
CEO Coach, Former CEO, Acrosoft Corporation

“I provided coaching services to Jon during the growth period used as a case study in Business is ART. He captures the experience well and provides great examples and tools that business owners and organizational leaders can use to create higher levels of success.”


Rich Tafel
President, PublicSquared

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