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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the new site for Business is ART including the Business is ART Blog. This blog was previously located on my consulting web site at Articulate, Revise, Track. In fact, archived, earlier blog posts can still be found and will remain there for some time to come. Meanwhile, new posts will appear here, and from time-to-time old posts from the previous site will be resurrected here.

This blog is dedicated to providing helpful insights and tips based on experience and lessons learned that you can apply to your work and personal lives. There are 3 major categories of posts you can expect to find here in addition to the occasional random subject. They are as follows:

  • Posts specific to business and leadership
  • Posts referring you to my weekly personal blog entitled #Significance
  • Posts referring you to my consulting business’ weekly newsletter

If you follow the link to my old blog site, you will see several examples of each. The business and leadership posts are self-explanatory. #Significance is a weekly blog regarding lives focused on significance versus success.

My weekly newsletter is entitled “The Weekly See 7.” As a consultant, I do business as “SeaSeven LLC” so “See 7” was a little play on the name. Each week the “See 7” names a theme relative to business and provides you with a summary & links to 7 prescreened online articles, presentations or videos that have some relevance to the overall weekly theme.

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