What is your level of engagement?

October 24th, 2015 Posted by Engagement, Relationships, Significance 0 thoughts on “What is your level of engagement?”

The latest post in my personal blog, #Significance is about how my new bride continues to teach me things about love, and especially about being loved, that I never realized was important or missing from my life.

Photo courtesy of gratisography.com

Photo courtesy of gratisography.com

You can read more about it by clicking here but basically it discusses how there once was a period in my life in which I frequently commuted to a city 635 miles away from home. And although it was a big part of my life, those closest to me showed little interest in it. No one was actively engaged in it. Although I didn’t consciously recognize it at the time, in hindsight, it bothered me…a lot.

This personal experience led me to wonder. We measure things like employee engagement and customer engagement, which is all about them showing you some love. But how engaged are you with them? Are you sure? What can you do to make it better?

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