How do you define success?

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At the risk of sounding like a self-promoting narcissist, for this week’s theme of “Success” in my weekly newsletter entitled “The Weekly See 7” I quote myself from Business Is ART because a section in the book and a statement made within it is foundational to success.

“It is not so important how you define success. It is critical that you do.”

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In other words, success means different things to different people. How you define it is completely inconsequential because the definition has to be your own, not anyone else’s idea of success.

But unless you define what success means to you, how do you know whether or not you have achieved it? How do you know what else you need to do to reach it?

A way to do that is to start with the end in mind. What is your vision? Now, provide some details about that vision. This detailed view is referred to as the painted picture. Now that you have the vision and the painted picture, define measurable objectives or key performance indicators that when tracked and measured, tell you how you are doing in achieving what you have defined as success.

In this week’s See 7, the “P’s” have it and we cover a variety of topics relative to success, from “Purpose” to “People” and several things in between.

Please check it out and tell us – How do YOU define success?


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