What have you done…lately?

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significance, do for othersYears ago, comedian/actor Eddie Murphy had a funny bit about relationships in which he quoted the Janet Jackson song “What Have You Done for Me Lately” saying that’s exactly what people say to one another all the time, always being sure to add and emphasize the word “lately.”

I once heard a speaker giving a presentation that sort of touched on the same subject, telling the tale of a man who didn’t understand why his wife thought he had stopped loving her.

The marriage counselor asked “Well, have you told her you love her?”

He said, “Yes!”

“How often?”


You might be wondering why I chose this particular photo for a post entitled “What have you done…lately?”

It’s simple really. The wall and the vine are each doing something for the other. The wall provides a place for the vine to grow. The vine, in return, provides the wall with beauty that goes far beyond its plain painted appearance (even if a vine turns out to be poisonous, it looks pretty nice).

In the December 13 edition of my personal blog, entitled #Significance, I explore doing things of significance and ask the reader what he or she has done of significance. It goes on to explain that “significance” doesn’t necessarily mean big, costly or grand and that many times the things by which we are remembered are the little, day-to-day things. Ultimately, I reach the conclusion that it really is not what you say or do for others that is of significance. It’s the passion and emotion with which you do it.

The whole subject has inspired me to try a little Facebook experiment and I am even willing to pay a little to boost the post. Starting Wednesday December 16, I will launch “Good Works Wednesday,” encouraging people to share what good works they are up to and how they do things of significance on a regular basis.

Read the entire post at #Significance by clicking here, and as you do, ask yourself what have you done of significance…lately?


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