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ReflectionNote: Self-Assessment originally appeared at the former Business is ART blog site on November 11, 2014. Since then, the book Business is ART was published and it includes similar discussion. Additionally, a free ebook entitled “6 Steps to Evolving With Intent” has been made available. Finally, Segment #17 – State Your Business, from the Business is ART podcast at discusses the subject of self-assessment as well. Hence, I thought it was time to pull this out again and re-post it.

Food for Thought

Ken Wilbur, American writer, philosopher and public speaker says, “Perhaps the best place to begin with an integral approach to business is with oneself.”

A self-assessment should be included as an early and important part of creating the vision and painting the picture for your business or organization. The scales of the work/life balance are never going to be at equilibrium, but if your personal vision, mission and definition of success versus that of your business or organization do not align, the scales will be heavily and statically tipped to one side or the other.

As we were beginning to formulate a vision for the business I ran at the time, I engaged the services of a coach. Through his lead, we conducted a deep-dive, personal assessment of me, the individual.


This experience was invaluable for many reasons. Principally, it helped keep me focused, and it helped to confirm that this was indeed the right job for me, at the right time, and that the business vision that was beginning to emerge was in line with my own. Without that alignment we would not have ultimately been as successful as we were.

Before going too far in creating your vision, you are strongly encouraged, regardless of position in the company or organization, to go through a self-assessment process and, if at all possible, employ the services of a professional coach or a peer group: unbiased people that can relate to your situation, with no other agenda than to help you succeed; people willing to listen to you and respectfully shoot straight with you.

Partners, bartenders, and your old dog don’t count here because it is too easy for them to simply agree with you, there is too much opportunity for you to hold back, and there is too much opportunity to destroy relationships by not doing so.

Addendum February 4, 2016

If you haven’t read the Malcolm Gladwell book entitled Blink, do yourself a favor and go read it. In the blink of an eye, you generally know what to do and how to act (or react). But then outside “junk” like doubt and critics get in the way so that by the 2nd and 3rd blinks, you’re making a different choice. Sometimes all you need is someone to facilitate you there or to hear yourself say it out loud. The job of a coach is to get you back to that first blink.

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