10 Secret Reasons You Will Read This Post

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Want to know the 10 secret reasons you will read this post? OK, maybe you won’t read all of it, but you’re here now, and chances are you will at least scan it. One reason, we just love lists. Why?

A List of 10 Reasons to List 10 Things

Here are a few reasons:

#1 – Popularity. Everyone does it. This isn’t a new form of advertising. If it didn’t work, the pros and experts would not do it.

#2 – Promise. You see a list as a specific promise from the writer. “Read this and in exchange for your valuable time, here is what you’re going to get in return.”

#3 – Expertise. When you see a list you tend to think the writer must have some level of expertise on the subject matter at hand.

#4 – Sharing. It makes it easy for you to share a post for all of the very same reasons. When you share posts that people in your network or platform are more inclined to read, it gives you credibility as well. They’ll look forward to your next share because they know you share stuff that is meaningful to them, and thus, you saved them search time.

#5 – Scanning. It makes it easy to scan content. We are all in a hurry these days and the more automation available to us, the less patience we have. The ability to scan information keeps us from getting grumpy and inpatient.

#6 – Magic. 10 seems to be a magic number. You rate performances and physical attraction on a scale of 1 to 10. You have top ten lists. 3 or 4 seems like you’re not trying. Personally, I think fewer is better and don’t like forcing a list to 10, but, experts say they have 10 good reasons to say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

#7 – Power. A list puts the power in your hands. As you scan the list you discard the items that don’t resonate with you and latch on to the information you want to consume.

#8 – Exclusivity. You like to be in on a secret or have exclusive information others don’t, so when you see a number of secrets or ways to do something in a list, you join the exclusive club.

#9 – Challenge. A list challenges you to add to the list. You might say to yourself, “These are all OK, but let me tell you another one.” Which lead us to #10.

#10 – More. Add your own secret reason to this list (hint – none of these are really secrets).

Apply Lists to Life and Business

As I say in my book Business is ART, I am a proud member of Less is More University – LIMU, Home of the Fighting Minimalists. So, here are 2 good reasons to make lists of your own in life and in business – not 10, but 2:

  • You will minimize the potential to constantly be in reaction mode
  • You will maximize accomplishments – if for no other reason than you simply didn’t forget to do something

Here’s Another List of 10

This post would not be complete if I did not include a list of the best 10 Business is ART Blog posts that used enumerated lists in the headline. I seem to be stuck on “3” or “4”. Does that make me lazy or a quitter?

Enjoy, and thanks for reading what I told you you would:

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  7. 4 Secrets to a Good Meeting
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  9. 5 Ways to Deal With Doubt
  10. 3 Pillars of Behavior
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