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“Play to Your Strengths” originally appeared in my personal blog, #Significance, on August 14, 2015. I am repeating it here because it is relative to this week’s Business is ART podcast on the TrueChat Network. Episode #35 is entitled “Who Are You” and in it I describe a process for purposefully evolving. In that process I discuss the importance of identifying your blindspots, but that it is your strengths that will carry you through.

“When you do the things you are strongest in, life is like running down hill. When you do the things you are weakest in, life is constantly hard and unnecessarily tiresome.”

Words of wisdom from a gentleman giving a presentation I had the pleasure of sitting in on yesterday.  He is a Human Resources (HR) professional and was discussing how his company assesses the strengths of candidate new hires before the interview process begins. The process they follow yields a 92% accuracy rate in ensuring the new hire fits the job and the job fits the new hire.

One end result is that the company doesn’t have to continually rotate employees around and in and out to get the right person in the right place at the right time, but perhaps more importantly, it helps ensure the employees feel good and become more engaged in what they are doing.

As he spoke, it reminded of a time many years ago that I was hired for a position that I felt certain was necessary for advancement to the next level, my true objective. I didn’t want to do this current job, it was just a necessary evil means to an end.

Not long after starting the new job, a similar assessment to the one described in yesterday’s presentation was rolled out. The results came back saying that I was not a good fit for my current position.  My immediate reaction was of anger and fear. The new boss didn’t know me very well, so there was good reason to have concern that she might look at this and say “the new guy has to go before he screws things up.”

Indeed, she did lean that way, but fortunately for me her boss made sure we took time to move me into a more appropriate role. At the end of it all, I actually moved into something more fitting and enjoyable, did well in it, and set myself up for the next promotion, but not before a lot of unnecessary angst. Had the assessment been conducted prior to hire, all of that could have been avoided.

The HR representative providing the presentation yesterday was obviously excited about his work, and rightfully so. He isn’t just providing a service to the company, he is providing a service to the individuals – helping to ensure that they too make the right choices for themselves that will lead to their personal and professional success.

Helping people play to their strengths makes their life better. You can apply this to any aspect of life.

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