5 Hacks For Creating Your Secret Sauce – Part 2

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Secret Sauce – Each week I identify a different theme and provide you with content, some original and some from external sources, around that theme. Beginning this week, I am breaking things in to two separate posts.

Part 1 represents my thoughts, experience, advice or questions on whatever the weekly theme is. Part 2 summarizes and provide links to several articles and videos from other sources, providing additional information on the weekly theme.

This Week’s Links

In both Part 1 of “Secret Sauce” and in this week’s Business is ART podcast (BIA#36 – Secret Sauce), I talk about 5 hacks for creating your own secret sauce. Please check out both of them. Meanwhile, here are links to some of the external articles I read in preparation for each.

Inc. – It often makes sense to outsource. But when does outsourcing go too far? It is estimated that by year 2020 well over 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers, which is another way to say they are self-employed and/or work on a 1099 basis with clients. This entrepreneur is bucking that trend and says the secret sauce to his business is to hire permanent employees not contractors. Read why that may be the case for his business, even if it is a more expensive operating model.

Inc. – Neuroscience is any science that deals with the brain or central nervous system. Inc. currently has an article entitled This Neuroscience Hack Can Make You Unstoppable. It is a very interesting read that may cause you to rethink some thins and try a new approach.

Inc. What’s the secret sauce to product design in 2016? Inc. has that question covered and offers you 5 of the biggest trends that will drive product design this year.

Entrepreneur – Some may argue that corporations are where entrepreneurs go to die. Others ay argue that corporations give birth to entrepreneurs who become frustrated employees. There is a lot of truth to both arguments, but, they don’t have to be the only truths. Corporations can also foster entrepreneurial spirit from within, and the best do. Fostering an environment that promotes innovation is critical. Here, Entrepreneur offers 5 Key Ingredients to Corporate Innovation.

Entrepreneur – We do all we can to avoid them. We have well defined risk management plans. We train ourselves, and our employees, the best we can. We focus on the customer. And still, sometimes, there is no avoiding a crisis. Now what? How you respond can be the difference between business failure, business survival, and turning a disaster into a major gain. Here are 3 Key Steps for Crisis Communication.

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