5 Things You need to Know About SEO – Part 2

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SEO DefinitionSEO – Each week I identify a different theme and provide you with content, some original and some from external sources, around that theme in two separate posts.

The first post represents my thoughts, experience, advice or questions on whatever the weekly theme is. Later in the week, a second post will summarize and provide links to several articles and videos from other sources, providing additional information on the weekly theme.

In Part 1 of this post, I shared some thoughts of my own about SEO. In Part 2, I summarize and share links to external sources with information and thoughts on SEO.

On Tuesday we recorded and released the Business is ART podcast #37 – SEO – on which my guests were Ryan Berry and Chris Anders of Berry Digital Solutions and where we had an informative discussion on the topic. You can listen to it on the TrueChat Network, or by downloading the TRUECHAT app.

What Others Are Saying About SEO

Search Engine Land –  All of this talk about SEO. Do you know what it REALLY is? This quick video does a nice job explaining in simple terms.

Inc. – Everyone has at least one tip for improving your SEO. Inc. offers TWELVE from some top SEO experts. Guess what is right at the top? “Create trust.” There’s a concept that seems oft forgotten in a world in which we are bombarded with digital ads and promotions and in which seemingly everyone is a self-proclaimed online expert in something.

Inc. – As if in response to the 1 in 12 tips that is “create trust,” Inc. also ran a piece entitled “Why SEO Can Be Viewed as Snake Oil.” Not entirely undeserved but perhaps equally a bit harsh. Like anything SEO has its abusers, but it also has its virtues.

Entrepreneur – How do you attract more visitors to your site? Entrepreneur offers a few ideas in this article. I’ve heard that on social media you should use a 20 to 1 ratio of “gives” versus “asks”. The advice in this article seems to follow a similar model without coming right out and saying it. But it offers some additional information I had not really previously considered.

Entrepreneur – I know enough about SEO to know I am not and never desire to be an expert in it. It’s just not my thing. But I recognize how important it is and so outsource this need to someone who is an expert. If you are in the same boat as I am, here are 10 questions to ask when hiring an SEO consultant.

Berry Digital SolutionsHow much should you spend on your website? Here are some thoughts from some people who do it for a living.

Take Action

Whatever your thoughts, expertise or needs are on SEO, one thing is certain – you need to pay attention to it. Whether that’s you or someone you hire…it needs attention.

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