Stop Using Jargon – Part 2

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Slide1Jargon – Each week I identify a different theme and provide you with content, some original and some from external sources, around that theme in two separate posts.

The first post represents my thoughts, experience, advice or questions on whatever the weekly theme is. Later in the week, a second post will summarize and provide links to several articles and videos from other sources, providing additional information on the weekly theme.

This week’s theme is business jargon. In Part 1, I shared my thoughts on the use of Jargon. In this, Part 2, I provide links to the thoughts of others on the topic..


So get synergized and ready to bring things to the next level because we’re about to get cooking with gas!

Jargon – It’s 10% what you say and 90% how you say it

That’s probably the big reason people use jargon. It isn’t laziness. They just think it makes them sound smarter or more authoritative. I once interviewed an HR professional who threw out so much jargon in an effort to look good that when she left, the other person in the room and I looked at each other with a confused look.

He asked, “What did she say?”

I replied, “She said a lot of words and nothing at all.”

We hired someone else.

5 Links For You

  1. Like totally, for sure. This first article cracks me up a bit. 5 Pieces of Jargon We Totally Got Used To. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but the use of the word “totally” made me laugh at the irony. Totes Mcgotes. Interesting article though.
  2. Inc. just lays it on the line in this article. Stop Using These Terrible Business Buzzwords Right Now. Interestingly, “Buzzwords” is not on the list. In fact, a lot of stuff on this list, I’ve never heard of, so it’s good to know I should stop using them before I even start. But I must say I like “The Third Wardrobe.” Check it out to see what I mean.
  3. Need a good laugh? Check out this article from Entrepreneur, offering up some jargon to add to your office vocabulary just to shake things up a bit. Funny stuff. Case in point, the very first one they provide: “Hashbag: Your hipper-than-thou, Reddit-obsessed, ironically bearded social media director. Usage: I’m sure my tweets could be better but I can’t stand getting a 20-minute lecture on it from that hashbag.”
  4. It isn’t all fun and games, is it? Time to get serious. Here is some great advice on how to transfer your company’s “About” page from jargon-filled to genuine. It begins with, “Tell a story…”
  5. Jeff Bullas at always posts good stuff. In this piece he identifies 50 business jargon fixes for bloggers and content writers. I have to admit I am guilty of several of these. But I LIKE the word “actionable”, Jeff…I LIKE it!

Case In Point

Case in point, I used the word “actionable” in a video we put up just yesterday on my Facebook timeline, the intent of which is to lead you to some free or otherwise valuable stuff to help move your business forward. Check it out here.


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