5 Links on Problem Solving

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In a previous post I presented a 7-step process that works very well for problem solving and issue resolution, particularly in a facilitated group setting. In this post you will find links to 5 additional sources discussing how to problem solve.

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5 Links on Problem Solving

  1. It happens. Conflicts arise – at work, at home, in public, in private. How you deal with conflict is key to all sorts of things including how well you advance and how good you feel about yourself (and others). This article at Inc. discusses 3 powerful lessons from expert on conflict resolution.
  2. Do you know one? Are you one? The manager or leader that just cannot seem to remove him or herself from the weeds. This video from Nick Friedman, co-founder College Hunks Hauling Junk discusses why great managers don’t get caught up in day-to-day issues.
  3. Again, do you know one? Are you one? The manager or leader that has anger issues. If you are, at the risk of making you super mad please check out this article entitled no one likes to do business with anger issues.
  4. Problem-solving goes well beyond the notion that “I’m the boss. Everyone does as I say. Problem solved!” While this article was written specifically with start-ups in mind, the content is really universal. Check out 8-problem solving practices that see startups to success.
  5. How is your problem solving going? Working well? Not so much? If your answer is the latter, take a moment to look at 3 reasons why you are failing at problem solving.

You Can’t Run – You Can’t Hide

Whatever approach you take, the key is to face challenges head-on. Don’t run from or hide from them. Don’t be too proud to admit they exist. Acknowledge they exist and then devise a plan to overcome them.

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