Aligning Workspace and Business Strategy

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Rachel Friedman – Founder/CEO of TENFOLD

Does your business’ workspace align with your business strategy? Do you have one?

On the Business is ART podcast this week, my guest was Rachel Friedman, the founder and CEO of TENFOLD ( TENFOLD helps businesses tell their stories within the actual workspace, for instance utilizing wall space for graphics and digital displays that highlight company values, vision, mission and brand messaging.

Their clients have ranged from small businesses to giants, like ESPN and Cardinal Health, but the mission is the same – to help businesses and organizations educate, inform and inspire employees and visitors.

(click here for a portfolio of TENFOLD’s work)

The Painted Picture

In Cameron Herold’s book, Double Double, he discusses the “painted picture” as a 3-page document that provides a more detailed version of the vision statement. The painted picture looks forward 3 years in to the future. In my book, Business is ART, I recommend turning that painted picture document in to an actual form of art, such as a video, web site, visual art displayed on the walls, etc.

And that is exactly what TENFOLD enables businesses to do – physically display the painted picture.

More to It Than a Pretty Picture

There is much more to it than simply putting pictures with inspirational quotes up on the wall, including office and workspace design and configuration. But it all begins with formally identifying your business strategy and culture.

What is the advantage? There are many, including:

  • Assists in the creation and maintenance of company culture
  • Communicates clear and effective brand messaging
  • Serves as a constant reminder to employees they are part of something bigger than themselves
  • Encourages employees to “live the brand” (better enabling employees as advocates)
  • Educates potential clients, strategic partners and investors (better enabling them as advocates)

In short, whoever “they” are, when they can see it, they can get it. When they get it, they can get on-board with it. When they get on-board with it, you no longer have to go it alone. Without that strong sense of identity and direction, all of the pretty pictures in the world can’t help and you truly are on your own.

Back to the Start

This blog post starts with two simple questions, the first of which is, “Does your business’ workspace align with your business strategy?” If not, contact TENFOLD by clicking here.

The second question is, “Do you have one [a business strategy]?” If not, contact me or check out my online video training, teaching you how to develop your strategic and business plans, simply and quickly. Consider it your online business consultant for just $45. Click here to view.

Listen Up and Listen In

You can listen to all of the Business is ART episodes in their entirety on the TrueChat Network’s Business is ART page at or by downloading the TRUECHAT app. The episode featuring Rachel Friedman and TENFOLD is entitled “If the Walls Could Talk.”

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