Finding Time to Start a Business 

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finding timeRemember when you were young and had all the free time in the world? Maybe it didn’t feel like that at the time, but in retrospect adolescence seems like it was much less busy than adulthood. It’s tough because, as an adult, you feel like you finally have the skills and knowledge to make your goals happen, but where do you find the time?

You can finally make that idea a reality. You can actually start your own business.

That is, you can if you find the time. It’s clear that some people are finding the time. The question is how? How do you find the time to start a business in the middle of grownup responsibilities?

It’s Almost Never Going to be a Perfect Time

The first thing you have to accept is the fact that it’s not going to feel ideal. Starting a business isn’t something that comes easy. You likely won’t feel like you suddenly have a giant hole in your schedule, enabling you to invest extra time and effort.

So don’t wait around for it. Once you’ve decided you want to start a business, do it.

Find Gaps and Stretch Where You Can

You’re going to have to take a very hard look at your schedule. Write it out if you need to. Look for the gaps in it. Maybe there’s a small window of time before work or directly after it. It’s possible you have a stretch of free time right before bed.

Identify the openings, however small, and see if you can either stretch them or merge them together. If you have free time in the morning and in the late evening, try either going to bed earlier or waking up later, utilizing the combined free time to work on your business.

If you have some free after work, see if you can push back your evening activities. Once you start shifting things around a bit, you may be surprised to find some free time in the middle of everything.


Regardless of how much free time you find in your schedule, you’ll likely have to make some cuts. It could be removing a hobby or dropping out of a sports league or skipping watching your favorite shows every week. You may have to trim back your social life.

Committing to a business requires sacrifice. There’s no way around that. Either you’re going to sacrifice some things that are currently holding you back, or you’re going to sacrifice your dreams of running your own business.

Quit Your Full-Time Job

This is something that’s not going to be an immediate option for a lot of people. But sooner or later, the goal for an entrepreneur is to leave their previous job behind so they can pursue their business full-time. When that moment comes, you’ll certainly find yourself with a lot more time in your schedule to put towards your business.

But you’ll likely need a little patience.

For more advice on when exactly to quit your job, check out our previous post here.

Beware of Burnout

Think that burnout doesn’t exist when you’re working on your own business? Think again. Even when you’re chasing your own dream, you can find yourself burned out. Burnout can negatively affect everything around you, from your relationships to your job and more.

Even as you’re sacrificing and working harder and giving your startup everything you have, be mindful of burnout. Give yourself a day off. Do something fun. Don’t disconnect from the world around you.

Stay consistent, stay focused, trim the fat out of your life, and you just may find the time to start up a successful business. I can help guide you further. Check out my book, Business is ART, enroll in BIA University, or contact me directly.

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