Would you Like to be a Guest Blogger?

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ReadingWould you like to be a guest blogger?

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now – 2 blogs in fact. One of them is a personal blog entitled “#Significance.” The other is a business blog entitled “Business is ART.” Both are close to my heart, but it is past the time to invite others in to share a few things close to their heart, while sticking within the general subject matter of either blog.

#Significance is about a focus on significance versus success. When you focus on success, it is about you. When you focus on significance it is about others. Significance is about focusing on the success of others, and when you do, your own success naturally comes.

Business is ART is really about any business relevant subject that may be helpful to anyone that has a business interest, be it a career minded individual, a business owner, someone thinking about going in to business, or just people who enjoy the topic. So much of the time I find that business concepts can be applied to life as well, so in my mind, Business is ART is really for anyone.

How We Learn

In forming my thoughts and/or doing research for blog posts, I have learned a lot and it is my hope that others do as well. After all, that is really the purpose of a blog.

But after a couple of years, there is just one problem – it’s all from my perspective. When all we do is talk it’s pretty hard to listen, and that is what can make a blog go stale. We have to listen to truly learn.

That’s why I say it is past time to actively seek guest bloggers to both #Significance and Business is ART. I would truly like to listen to what you have to say.

You Talk, I Listen

So here is your shot!

Please contact me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or through my Contacts page and let’s get your guest post up on either or both of my blogs.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and what you have to say.

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