What is Your Call to Action?

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Call to Action

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What is your call to action? Any effective marketing material wants you to do something. It could be to go to a store or make a call, try a sample or any number of other things.

Whatever it is, there is a call to action.

A call to action is that main thing the potential customer is supposed to do.

As a Business, There is Something You Want Your Customers to Do

Okay, there’s a good chance you want your customers to do a lot of things – pay you for most of them. But where does the sales process start for your business?

Never assume a customer knows exactly what you want them to. Even if it seems obvious. The truth is, they’re waiting for you to tell them something. The question is are you telling them?

A Call to Action Should be Easy and (Preferably) Non-Committal

The life of the everyday consumer has never been easier than it is now. They can research, call, order, schedule, and more in seconds without having to go anywhere thanks to mobile technology. While this gives you more opportunities to reach them, it also makes it harder to get them to do something.

We don’t want to see modern society can get a little too comfortable on the couch (I am literally sitting on the couch as I write this). We can also be very busy, and/or distracted – perhaps more of the latter. If you want customers to do something, you need to make it as quick and easy as possible for them.

Options can help increase your chances for a connection.

Some people don’t like to call. They’d rather email or text. On the other hand, some do want to call. It’s generally best to make both available.

You should also make the call to action non-committal. Give away a free trial or sample or e-book or something to entice them without asking anything from them except an email or phone number. For now, you just want them to take that first step. To make that first interaction. That’s what the call to action is about.

It’s like a funnel.

A funnel is widest at the top, making it easy for everything to get in, driving it all to a specific spot.

Call to Actions in All You Do

In every meeting, email, marketing piece, webpage, etc. have a call to action. It doesn’t have to be the same call to action on each piece. You won’t always be targeting the same group of people, and you won’t always be conveying the same message.

Make sure the call to action makes sense for the audience it’s in front of.

Otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time and losing out on business. And that should be the last thing you want to do.

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

If you’re not sure what you want your customers to be doing, you might need to solidify your vision. We can help with that. The first section of our Odds Makers course covers creating and nurturing the vision of your business.

From there, you’ll learn about strategic planning, forming KPIs, and more. These lessons are invaluable when it comes to targeting your audience.

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