Why Business Plans Suck

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Trick QuestionIf you have read more than a couple of posts at the Business is ART Blog, or read my book, you know that I am a strong believer in planning for your business – and saying it usually results in eye rolls from even the otherwise smartest business owners and organizational leaders I know, with good reason.

Business Planning Sucks

Creating formal business plans and strategies for your business, whether large or small – and I am talking one owner, no employees small – takes some time and effort. How much time depends on who is doing it and what process or tools they use. Which leads me to this point…

Business Planning Tools Suck

If I hear one more question from “business planning experts” like, “Have you ever seen the Jargonsian Wheel of Six Block Charterism Planning Alive Tool?” I just might scream.

Do you know why most of these tools suck?

Because they are developed by consultants and academics (the experts) who believe the path to solid planning practices is not just paved in gold, but paved with really complex gold pavers that must be laid out very precisely in order to function properly – and, by the way, only said experts are able to lay said gold pavers.

So the vast majority of business owners and leaders don’t formally plan because it’s too complex, leading them to falsely conclude they don’t need to do it.

But the Benefits are Real

In our BNI Chapter meeting this week, I did a simple demonstration. Everyone in the room received $1.30. One side of the room called “heads” and the other called “tails.” The side that lost the coin toss had to put their $1.30 in to a collection jar.

The point – 50% of new businesses don’t make it.

Next, the losing side was asked if they did any kind of formal business planning whatsoever. Of the few that did, they got one more coin toss. Those who won the toss could take their $1.30 back out of the jar.

The point – startups have a 50% better shot at succeeding when they have formal plans.

Finally, of everyone left holding $1.30 on both sides of the room, I asked again who did any kind of formal planning. A small percentage of that remaining population raised their hands. They got to keep the full $1.30. The others had to put 30 cents in to the jar.

The point – of those businesses that make it past startup, those that have formal plans do, on average, 30% better than the others.

Trick Question

At last, I asked, “Which is greater – Zero, 1 dollar or $1.30?”

Someone replied, “Is this a trick question?”

No. It is not a trick question at all. The only trick is to have the where-with-all to do the things that increase your odds of getting $1.30 as opposed to anything less.

Enter Plan Canvas

And that is where Plan Canvas comes in. Plan Canvas is a business planning software based on my book Business is ART. It allows the user to quickly get organized and define plans, identify and track goals, objectives, initiatives and action items – in a very simplistic way.Plan Canvas

So simplistic you don’t need an expert to manage it for you. Just do it. If you can navigate Facebook you can navigate this tool.

Plan Canvas moves to beta test in early 2017 and I am actively seeking beta test users to join several others that have already signed up. It will cost nothing but a little of your time and you have everything to gain.

I Really Don’t Give a S&%!

So, have I seen the ‘Jargonsian Wheel of Six Block Charterism Planning Alive Tool’? Yes, and I really don’t give a S&%!

Contact me here if you don’t either.

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