Let’s Start a Movement in Business Success

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Business SuccessLet’s start a movement toward business success. Here is your opportunity to help yourself while helping others.

When I sat down to write Business is ART, the outline wasn’t even complete when it became clear it looked a lot like the high level requirements for a software.

As discussed in the January 5, 2017 blog post My Why – What’s Yours, my mission is to help others be successful. Doing the stuff Business is ART recommends can as much as double your odds of business success, so getting it right was priority number 1.

And it had to be simple.

The goal of Business is ART

The goal of Business is ART is to share lessons learned, particularly from my experience growing a business by more than 300%, and the process defined/followed that emerged from that experience – with a few after-the-fact tweaks.

But more than a story, it aims to leave readers with processes, suggestions and templates that can help them to feel less overwhelmed while increasing their odds of success.

What is ART?

“ART” is an acronym for “Articulate, Revise, and Track.” The book encourages the reader to articulate what it is they want, how they define success, and the actions they will take to achieve it. It encourages the reader to revise plans and actions along the way, adjusting for realities as or before they occur. Finally, it encourages the reader to track progress along the way, not the least of which is to provide better direction for making revisions.

But I don’t wanna!!! (Said with a whiney voice)

Doing this stuff is a little like going to the gym and eating a healthy diet. We know it’s good for us. We know we will feel better when we do it. We know if we do it we stand a better chance of living a longer, happier life.

But boy, oh boy. That couch sure looks good – and wouldn’t a pizza taste great right now?

So the challenge with Business is ART was to write it in a way that is interesting and enjoyable to the reader. It isn’t a rah-rah “be the best you that you know you are, you know?” kind of book that sells millions and fires people up about self-improvement – for a moment. It’s designed to be a learning tool, teaching readers something they can actually use to help themselves – for a lifetime.

We’re making it even easier for you

Since the book was written, a small team of us have been working on developing a software that allows the user to easily follow the Business is ART process. We are calling it “Plan Canvas”.

It has been an interesting journey and quite a challenge to remain focused on simplicity. We often catch ourselves saying, “You know what would be cool?” then stepping back, reminding ourselves that while whatever bell or whistle we just discussed would indeed be cool, it would also be unnecessary and potentially cumbersome.

As we’ve shown prototypes to industry experts, a common question begins with “Can it [fill in the blank]?”

Sometimes the answer is “Yes.” Sometimes “No, but it should/will.” Sometimes “No, and it never will.”

Often the suggestions are great and we work to implement them. But just as often, the suggestions are great and we have no intention of implementing them because they would move us toward a tool that, in trying to be everything to everyone, becomes burdensome and usable to few.

Test it before you let it go

We have now reached the point at which we have a small, controlled beta test user group – actual business owners – testing the tool and building their own plans within it. This is really where the rubber meets the road, as they say. This will be our first good indication as to whether we are on the right path or wasting our time.

Once this initial beta is complete, we will begin a second round of beta testing, beginning March 15, 2017, with a larger test group.

You are invited to join the movement

We are actively looking for participants in Beta Test 2.0 and can think of no one better than YOU to be a part of it. Please contact me through the CONTACT page, type “Plan Canvas Beta Test” in the subject line and we will get you signed up.

Join us. Improve your own odds of success while helping design a tool that many others can use to increase their odds of success. Let’s start a movement – together!

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