Curriculum for a College Level Business Class?

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Urbana UniversityLooking for course curriculum for a college level business class? Look no further.

I’m very honored that Cate Brinnon, Assistant Professor and Faculty Athletic Representative at Urbana University, has selected Business is ART as the required reading and to provide various course exercises for MGT 315 – Strategic Management and Leadership. The course got under way earlier this month – it is the first time the book has been used in a classroom setting.

The purpose is to engage management majors through strategy development

According to Cate, “The purpose of this course is to engage management majors in an in-depth analysis of leadership through strategy development. It will integrate a broad base of management skills and knowledge with a focus on the role of senior leadership. This course will incorporate the process of clarifying an organization’s vision, mission and purpose, processes of assessing internal strengths and weaknesses and processes for evaluating priorities and matching priorities with resource constraints.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I recently attended a webinar on blogging by Jeff Goins in which he identified 5 types of bloggers, including: The Journalist, The Prophet, The Artist, The Professor and The Star (see The 5 Platform Personalities: What Type of Blog is Right for You?).

At that point I realized the Business is ART book, blog and podcast – hence I – fall more in to the category of “The Professor” than anything else. Goins urged attendees to embrace whatever category we each fell in to.

That’s when I decided to just accept fate.

I’m the guy everyone hopes doesn’t show up in the first 15 minutes so they can cut class

But my hope is I’m also the guy they are glad showed up after-all. I try very hard to make it worth their while once we get things going. The knowledge and “how to’s” I try to impart are never going to be wildly popular, and that’s OK. The world has plenty of Joel Osteens and Tony Robbins(es).

We are here to work and get results, not feel good about ourselves and believe the results will come based on those good feelings

Sure enough, literally, just days after I accepted my role as “The Professor” (no Gilligan’s Island jokes, please), Cate contacted me to talk about this crazy idea she had of using Business is ART for a collegiate level class. Sometimes, things just seem fall in to place. But there was a whole lot of work, time and money that led to that moment – for both of us.

“I am new to teaching this undergraduate course. It explores what I call the “inside-out” process of developing strategy and its implementation through effective leadership.

Business is ART ass CurriculumThere are many schools of thought regarding strategic development. I adhere to the theory that an organization should plan with flexibility. Business is ART allows the reader to walk through this process easily. The first focus is on the mission, the core, the “raison-d’etre” – in essence the seminal idea as to what one’s art will convey. Jon gives the reader some suggestions and tools as to how to create the outlines – to be ‘colored in.’

He allows for creativity throughout the process – not ever suggesting that the reader cannot ‘color outside of the lines’. Rather, he encourages revision and allows the expression of the mission to take different forms – as long as there is a process which can be followed.

I use Business is ART for this undergraduate course and find the processes described within it can be easily tailored for those who do not have much management experience. The writing style is so conversational that I am able to teach concepts in a way that may be more digestible for my students.

They recently completed an exercise in Chapter 1 – the self-assessment. Many students had some beautiful ‘ah-ha’ moments as they realized graduation was a few short months away and they had never really given thought to these questions.

Time will tell, but I believe that this course will have a long-lasting, positive impact on them.”

 – Cate Brinnon

It’s an honor and a privilege to have Business is ART as part of the curriculum

I can’t think of a better endorsement or greater honor than knowing there is a possibility that through the book and through Cate’s course, I just may…just MAY…play a small part in something that leaves such an impact.

Get your copy of Business is ART from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or several independent book sellers.

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