Staying Optimistic in the Business World – Is “Fake it ’til you make it” Really Real?

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Being optimistic comes more naturally to some than others. But even the most positive entrepreneur or leader can struggle to keep a smile on the face during tough times.

As a business owner (or organizational leader), you’re pretty much guaranteed to see some tough times. Whether it’s client issues, personal problems, financial shortages, legal trouble, or something else entirely, there’s a lot that can go wrong in business.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if optimism is one of your personal strengths. To succeed, you’ll need more than a knowledge of basic business principles.

You’ll need to have hope for your future. You have to stay positive, even when there’s seemingly little reason to be. It affects the way you do business.

Optimism Turns Failure into Lessons Learned

You will have failures in your business efforts. Sometime they’ll be small. Other times, they may be soul crushing. But a positive attitude can see the good in the worst of situations. You’ll find valuable lessons that will grow and change your business for the better.

And you’ll know that you’re stronger than you were before.

Positivity Attracts and Motivates

People like to be around positive people, whether they admit it or not. Potential clients will be drawn to you if they see optimism. Your employees will feel compelled to work harder if you help them believe it’s going to be okay.

That said, you can’t bear the entire burden of optimism yourself. That’s why you should…

Surround Yourself with Positive (But Honest) People

As an entrepreneur or leader, you cannot afford to have negative people around you to tear down your dream. By keeping positive connections around you, you in turn will become more optimistic. That said, you don’t want to surround yourself with a bunch of yes-men/women.

You still need to hear the truth. You need people who will tell you “no” or advise you to reconsider decisions.

Listen to the Truth. Don’t Exaggerate It.

Optimism isn’t about blindly ignoring the truth surrounding you. It’s about having the strength to face it. Good or bad, be honest with the situation you’re in. But don’t dwell on the negative, and don’t make an obstacle out to be bigger than it is.

Think of How Far You’ve Come

Entrepreneurs are often so focused on where they are and where they’re going that they forget where they came from. When it feels like success is too far away, think about the distance you’ve already traveled. Think of how much closer you are to success than you were when you started.

And once you’re feeling better, set your sights back on the goals ahead.

You Can’t Always Control the Situation

You can always control how you react to it. So, stay positive. It might feel like you can’t do that. That it’s like trying to force yourself to be happy.

But happiness and optimism are choices.

Did you know studies have shown that forcing yourself to smile can lead to you feeling happier? There’s the old business saying of “fake it until you make it”. Why not pretend to be positive and optimistic until you actually are?

You’ll be surprised at the results it has not only in your business, but in your life.

Speaking of being Optimistic

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