Freelancer / Independent

You want to earn money doing what you love, on your terms, with the flexibility to do what you want, when you want. There’s just one problem. Reality.

“In a world of incredibly competitive businesses, marketing ploys, and “can’t miss” ideas, a business plan is the minimum requirement to keep your head above water. The Plan Canvas program is the perfect combination of detailed content and an intuitive interface.”

– Justin Vinson, Independent Chiropractor                  

Your challenges include:

  • You have doubts about whether you can do this

  • You’re tired of living gig-to-gig?

  • You need to do a better job managing clients and project portfolios

  • You need fewer distractions and more focus

  • You need to say “No” to some things

  • Common productivity apps don’t help you manage the business

Plan Canvas for SMB can help.

But don’t take our word for it. Download a summary Plan Canvas Case Study or detailed White Paper and read these articles by trusted sources.

Plan Canvas is a community and a powerful software for improving your odds of business success and personal fulfillment.

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