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You have dreams of starting your own business but you need to validate if your product or business idea is viable.

Plan Canvas takes the stress out of writing a business plan for a start-up.

Rich Tafel, Managing Director at Raffa Social Capital Advisors, Pastor of Church of the Holy City and Co-Founder to The American Project at Pepperdine School of Public Policy                 

Starting with our organization we soon had our strategic plan, business plan and were checking off our action items. This was a big help as our staffing priorities soon changed when we were able to see the final plan.

Julie and Lance White, Co-Founders / Owners FRW Studios                

Your challenges include:

  • You have limited resources and time

  • You lack management/business experience

  • You would like to have a coach/mentor

  • Common productivity apps don’t help you manage the business

  • Common business plan templates and software are too complex

80% of startups last 1 year. By year 5, half are gone. If you don’t address these challenges, you are likely to be just another statistic.

Before you invest a lot of time, money, and emotion, use Plan Canvas for SMB to define and test the viability of your startup. Continue using it to know when and how to modify the path to your vision. Don't be a statistic.

But don’t take our word for it. Download a summary Plan Canvas Case Study or detailed White Paper and read these articles by trusted sources.

Plan Canvas is a community and a powerful software for improving your odds of business success and personal fulfillment.

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