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Should You Outsource?

November 17th, 2016 Posted by Engagement, Entrepreneur 0 thoughts on “Should You Outsource?”

which hat do you wear

If you outsource certain functions of your business, will you get what you want? Well that all depends. If you like to control everything, or are very particular, no you won’t. But if you are more inclined to think that as long as it gets done, you don’t really care how, yes you will.

Hopefully you sit somewhere in the middle. Maybe you are very particular, but because you have more important things to focus on, if an outsourced, non-core function isn’t completed exactly as you would do it, you can be satisfied.

2 Perspectives: The Buyer’s and the Provider’s

In this week’s Business is ART podcast on the TrueChat Network, our primary topic was Content Marketing, but we touched on outsourcing early in the program.

Two summary points to keep in mind:

  1. From an outsource buyer’s perspective, you want exactly what you want the way you want it.
  2. From an outsource provider’s perspective, you provide what they need, do what you can to provide what they want, but have to draw a line at some point.

Outsource Providers Have Limitations

Why is it important for the buyer to understand the limitations of the provider? Because there are two bottom line reasons outsourcing can make sense:

  1. The provider is an expert at what they do – moreso than you
  2. The provider’s service is THEIR business model – they know what can break it

A third bottom line reason that outsourcing makes sense is that as a small business, you simply can’t wear all of the hats required to run and grow your business. There aren’t enough hours in the day or room on your head. Nor is there enough capital for all of the equipment you may require to be 100% self-sufficient in literally everything your business needs to operate.

It May be Your Best Bet to Outsource

When this is the case, the smarter play, even if you are very particular, is to outsource certain non-core functions, accepting that it will not be done EXACTLY as you want, but if your provider is good, it will at least be what you need – so that you can focus on the more important stuff.

You can listen to the podcast entitled “Content Marketing – Does it Make a Difference?” by clicking here.

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